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Girl Champion Project was born to share the stories of women who do strength sports.

Because every girl is a champion!


As I had my baby, I lost myself. I felt that my body does not belong to me anymore. In months (and years) to come, I struggled to rebuild myself as a person who used to be an athlete, a scholar, a friend. As I was already in my 30-ties I have decided that investing in some strength training could be good for my long-term health.

I heard about CrossFit and thought that it would be worth trying as it has some strength related components and could start me with some exercises and guidance. Quickly, it became obvious that getting stronger is fun and allowed me to feel better in so many ways. I have also met some phenomenal athletes there; many of whom were women. The community of awesome females was similar to my primary school handball team except we had children now and were not attending the same school. This experience has changed my life.

I have started strength sports for health, but the thing I truly appreciate is a community of awesome women I found. Their efforts in the gym and life stories inspire me every day, even beyond the training.

This website was born to amplify the stories of girls of all ages on their journey to strength and so much more.

I hope you can find your empowerment and motivation here too.

If you are or know a woman who would like to share their story on the Girl Champion Project’s platform, please contact me through the contact form.

Hugs, Alex

Alex Macznik

PhD in Sports Physiotherapy
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